When Your Stories Are Trash Your Deal Size Is Small

The Grunt Workers Show – Episode 5

How do multi-million dollar deals get done at a billion dollar company?

And how does that help marketers or business owners who aren’t doing multi-million dollar deals?

It all comes down to story.

Story story story.

Stories are told at billion dollar companies… the same way they are told in a main street shop.

Tell a better story, and you’ll increase your order value – or your deal size.

In this episode, Amahl WIlliams shares his insights while he scales a brand new digital division inside a billion dollar company in the IT industry.

Tune in right now so you can discover:

  • The right story to tell that will get you bigger deals
  • The one big clue that you’re “in” and that the sale is made
  • How to tell when you’re truly successful in business
  • The purpose of education
  • And more!

Who is Amahl Williams?

Amahl is a classically trained marketing executive with a background in monetizing new and adjacent technology. Specialties include design thinking, end-to-end quality, return on change, time-to-value, go-to-market strategy, ROM architecture, and RPA+IPA technologies Blue Prism, UiPath, and AA.

SYKES Digital Services culmination of careful thought and consideration of how to best align the capabilities amassed through #SYKES’ strategic acquisition strategy to continue delivering upon our unique mission of helping #consumers find and use the products and services they need by combining the power of machine intelligence and human ingenuity.

Connect with Amahl on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/amahlwilliams/

Watch to learn more about how to tell the right story to get bigger deals!

Quotes from the Show:

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