Ready to invest in extraordinary talent?

Talent pricing is based on these factors:

  • Experience Level

    Grunt Workers add an average of 4 years of experience, or a platform certificate (such as Klaviyo certification or Google Analytics certification) to your team instantly. In other words, you get experience and/or certified team members when you add Grunt Workers to your team!

  • Skills

    Specialists bring a specific set of skills to your team. The most popular specialists we recruit are: email marketers, facebook ads, google ads, and outreach pros. However, we also staff conversion optimizers and other digital marketing roles as needed. However, we also staff conversion optimizers and other digital marketing roles as needed.

  • Salary Requests

    We want to take care of our Grunt Workers so that they will take care of your business. We negotiate their salary with them. They also receive government-standard benefits in the Philippines, this keeps them happy and motivated. All of this gets rolled into one flat, easy, monthly price for you… saving you at least 35% or more vs hiring domestically.

How It Works

  • Step 1: We Start Recruiting

    Give us a call so you can tell us more about the role you're looking to fill. We will create a job description for you and we'll start recruiting right away - you're under no obligation to hire the talent we bring to you to interview!

  • Step 2: You Get to Interview Grunt Workers

    You get to interview our highest quality candidates so you can choose the best fit for your company culture. We're all about getting the right person on the right team. We interview candidates at least 3 times before scheduling an interview with you. We thoroughly screen, verify, and validate their work. You get to interview the best of the best!

  • Step 3: Choose Your New Grunt Workers

    Who would you like to add to your team? Remember, all of our talent has 2 or more years of experience. Each has multiple talents or skills, and you get to choose who will be the best fit for your team and company.

  • Step 4: You Onboard Grunt Workers Into Your Team

    You get to onboard your new, exclusive, full-time outsourced Grunt Workers team member into your team as if they are in-house for you. We also have a robust high-output work framework that we teach your new team member 1-2 days before they start working for your company.

  • Step 5: Your Grunt Workers Get Continuing Education & Support

    When you add us to your team, you get a full-service white-glove HR partner. We coach your new Grunt Workers team member weekly - covering productivity, mindset, growth, high performance, motivation, and more. We also provide benefits, team q&a for skill specific support, and how-to guides. Our team LOVES working here so they can be more productive with helping you achieve your business goals!

Grunt Workers

Exclusively working for you
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • We source the following talent based on your requirements:
  • Email Marketing Pros
  • Facebook Ads Pros
  • Google Ads Pros
  • SEO Pros
  • All of our pros have 2+ years of Experience
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We guarantee satisfaction with your Grunt Workers digital marketing staff member or we will replace them.

DISCLAIMER: Grunt Workers is an outsourced premium subscription digital marketing HR partner. Every exclusively sourced team member needs access to your marketing assets, copywriting assets, direction, management, and knowledge to work efficiently and effectively for you. By subscribing to any of our customized HR plans, you agree to manage tasks and projects for your staff. You agree to provide extremely detailed task and project descriptions. You agree to provide extremely detailed strategies so your staff can get it done for you. You agree to do your own Quality Assurance. You agree to manage your Grunt Workers marketing staff by providing feedback, allowing corrections due to lack of detail or misunderstanding, and work with your staff as if they are brand new hires within your own business. You agree to absolve any liability for Grunt Workers staff performance or quality.