Jeff Lerner Reveals How To Get Over 25% of Share of Voice In A Huge Industry

The Grunt Workers Show – Episode 1

A lot of business owners often come across the question

“How can I become an industry leader?”

On this episode of The Grunt Workers Show, we get to hear about how Jeff Lerner, head of marketing at Flock Freight, is helping change the freight industry by bringing forward a new mode of shipping which is Shared Truckload.

Jeff, who graduated with a degree in Marketing and Sports Management, shares his team’s strategy on how they market their brand by focusing on building the brand, the brand’s reputation and presence in the industry and shares how the brand’s relationships with its clients and potential customers is a big factor. He shares how they partnered with a PR team to focus on getting ‘Shared Truckload’ to become an industry term, and how their advanced technology and algorithm separates them from other freight companies. This, combined with their sales and development strategies, is how Flock Freight holds over 25% share of voice within the freight industry.

Jeff also talks about his book – “The Power of Relationships in Professional Growth” – and shares how cultivating meaningful relationships with people within and outside your network and industry is important when kickstarting a career. He shares valuable insights on how to cultivate relationships and things he wishes someone told him when he was starting out.

Aside from his current project of making Shared Truckload an industry term with Flock Freight, he shares as well how he created a monumentally successful program for ESPN’s Fantasy Football during his time with Google.

Want to learn more about Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is recognized as a “Top 40 Business Leader Under 40” by San Diego Business Journal for his work in developing relationship-driven corporate cultures and building brands for long-term success, Jeff leads the marketing team at Flock Freight.
Over the course of his career, Jeff has held marketing leadership positions at Google, Cricket Wireless (acquired by AT&T), and ProFlowers (acquired by FTD). Jeff is focused on sharing the benefits of FlockDirect to shippers across the US through various marketing and PR channels.

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