From Working Minimum Wage to Managing $30 Million Cash Deals – See How Marty Did It

The Grunt Workers Show – Episode 5

Ever wonder how you could squeeze the most out of your business processes without spending any money?

Would you like to build revenue streams out of existing infrastructure by just thinking differently? 

In this episode, Marty Fahncke will share with us how he has mastered looking at operational inefficiencies and turning them into additional revenue streams.


He will tell us all about his journey as the adventurous marketer from his humble beginnings as a telemarketer to how he’s regularly handling million-dollar cash deals with high-profile clients.

He will also share with us specific stories on how he thinks multi-channel marketing actually works in the modern world, and how to do it to create an unprecedented upsurge in profits.

Finally, he’ll share with us his thoughts on pandemic-ridden businesses and how to come out stronger in these trying times.

Want to learn more about Marty Fahncke?

For over 30 years, Marty’s career (like his life) has been one big adventure. Starting in the mid-1980’s as a front line order agent at what would eventually become the world’s largest call center, to becoming one of the pioneers of online marketing, to helping launch the International infomercial business, to finding early success in social media marketing, speaking on stages around the world, and much, much more.

In his career, Marty has successfully sold everything from Elvis’s ’68 comeback album, to fitness equipment, to real estate, and even entire companies!

Along the way, Marty’s marketing efforts have sold over 1 Billion dollars in goods and services, and over $300 million in business acquisitions and divestitures.

Connect with Marty on LinkedIn at

Watch to learn more about how to tell the right story to get bigger deals!

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