Focus Groups Are A Joke But They Make Clients Feel Better + Other Profound Insights From Jeremy Smith

The Grunt Workers Show – Episode 4

Tesla vs Porsche, how is their creative process different?

And what does that have to do with focus groups and getting a brand into COSTCO?

In this episode, Jeremy Smith tells us about his incredible journey from briefly working with Steve Jobs in the 80s to helping brands get into COSTCO today.

Learn from a creative professional who worked on some of the most iconic brands within the past 30 years!


  • Discover why Jeremy says that “Focus groups are a joke” and who inspired him to bet his entire career on that key insight
  • Jeremy reveals his super-successful creative process for developing a memorable brand
  • Learn how a creative company can push back on big store requirements with the story of popchips
  • Find a new approach to developing your next campaign, product, or business – without focus groups

Who is Jeremy Smith?

After more than 35 years in strategic sales, branding and marketing, Jeremy Smith’s senior management and graphic arts resume is a salute to the country’s most iconic brands.

Think Apple, Chobani, Krave Jerky, Bob’s Red Mill and popchips.

Prior to Launchpad, as co-founder of Level One, his relationships with buyers, marketers, strategists, venture capital firms and designers, presents enviable connections in the food industry.

Jeremy was named to Forbes and Circle Up’s 2017 Top Catalysts Dealmakers and Influencers in the Consumer Industry.

Connect with Jeremy by phone or email 925 329-6425 EXT 100 or [email protected].

Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn at

Watch to learn more about how Jeff and Flock Freight is currently changing one of the biggest industries in the world.

Quotes from the Show:

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