Discover One Smart Way That Small Businesses Can Compete Against Enterprise Ad Budgets

The Grunt Workers Show – Episode 6

How can small businesses acquire the marketing tools and resources large companies have?

Is it possible for you to launch $50,000 campaigns for a fraction of the price? 

In this episode, Josh Aston and his brand new company Above the Fold will explain how he’s bringing his 15 years of experience working at billion-dollar companies to small and medium-sized businesses.


Josh will share with us what Above the Fold is exactly and what separates them from, well, the fold. He’ll give us examples of some of the campaigns he’s done in the short time he’s operated the company.

He will also share with us stories of success and failure in the digital marketing space, and how these experiences helped cement his status as a leader in the world of digital marketing.

Also, he’ll talk about how he got into marketing in the first place, finding that precious work/life balance, and the importance of collaboration even during the pandemic.

Watch to learn how small business can acquire the marketing tools large corporations have!

Quotes from the Show:

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