Need a KLAVIYO audit for your client? Get a FREE AUDIT from us!

Use our PROVEN audit framework that's designed to quickly turn your prospect into a paying client for your agency or team

What’s included in the Klaviyo Account Audit?

  1. An assessment of your dynamic and advanced segments and find out what segments you can test to add more revenue.
  2. Report on the analytics of flows and campaigns and compare it to industry benchmarks.
  3. A PDF outlining our strategy and recommendations on what flows and segments must be incorporated into the Klaviyo account
  4. A personal review of your audit with James our founder

We’ll require the following access and information:

● Admin access to your prospect’s Klaviyo account or email marketing account if you’re looking to move over to Klaviyo
● A screenshot of the third party apps and plugins currently used or your prospect intends to use in your eCommerce store
● Screenshots of your prospect’s stores metrics for the last 365 days including your conversion funnel metrics, AOV metric, online store session metrics and returning customer rate metrics.

What to expect after you give us your details:

  • We’ll reply to you within 1 hour (on weekdays)

  • We’ll schedule a 15 minute call to learn your agency or team audit requirements, client’s goals, target market, and their competitors

  • We’ll set up an audit review call in 3 business days

  • Our team will research and present how we’ll approach performance email marketing for your client.

Grow your email marketing division by letting us help you get amazing results for your clients.

We recruit, screen and train Klaviyo email marketers who can implement your agency's email marketing strategy so that you can focus on growing your agency and onboarding new clients.

Have you ever…

  • Been stuck doing the digital marketing tasks yourself leaving you no time for you to scale your team?

  • Found yourself sliding back into the technician trap, stuck on implementation and not developing fresh strategy, to drive the best results?

  • Tried hiring overseas digital marketers but it was a bad experience?

  • Felt overwhelmed with too many unproven options for digital marketing staff?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then it's time for a change.

  • We understand how you feel - CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED about the time it takes to manage your client’s Klaviyo accounts and you’re running out of time to help them grow their business because your agency is scaling fast.

  • What if there's a white-label email marketing partner that can help you staff REAL overseas Klaviyo email marketing experts at half the price of domestic experts?

  • What if there’s a team that can help you create profitable email marketing strategies that will help your eCommerce clients increase the revenue of their business?

If you are managing a team and have

  • Built processes, procedures, policies, and strategies that consistently drive performance.

  • An understaffed & overworked team who are overwhelmed with digital marketing tasks and implementation.

  • No time to look for the best people to hire overseas, saving on salaries by 40% or more.

  • Felt the need to scale your team by hiring digital marketing professionals who know how to get results.

Here's what our agency - clients love about working with us:

Here's what we do for you:

  • Klaviyo Account Management

    Klaviyo is an email platform that allows you to create content, schedule posts, and collaborate with your team. With our expertise in digital marketing services for DTC brands like your clients, we can create a carefully planned content calendar based on what's working best across various channels. We dedicate a Klaviyo expert to managing your client's Klaviyo account.

  • Setting up flows/automation

    Our team of Klaviyo experts can help in setting up email marketing automation that will help you reach more potential customers who have shown interest in your client’s product. Once you've set up an automated flow, it's easy to maintain—and your customers get a highly personalized experience.

  • Klaviyo Strategy Consulting

    In growing your client’s eCommerce business, having comprehensive customer insight helps you plan your next marketing strategy. We don’t help you help your clients turn their business into a growth machine by just giving basic strategies, we fuel it with data-driven decisions and insights based on customer behavior.

  • Data Migration to Klaviyo

    We make sure we assist you in importing all the data you want to save from your previous ESP into Klaviyo so that you can use it once you have completed the migration.

  • Klaviyo Integration

    Connect everything easily with Klaviyo with our help and make the most out of Klaviyo with its powerful eCommerce integration that will help in your client’s sales growth.