12+ Big Ticket Funnels and
Ad Campaigns Fulfilled or
Actively Managed…

by adding 2 Grunt Workers to their team

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Mike LeMieux, Founder at Mike Social

“ When faced with the challenge of scaling my company, I knew I needed to add more staff… Sourcing applicants, combing through resumes, interviews, training, and everything else that goes into scaling human resources felt overwhelming. I trusted Grunt Workers and their process for ensuring they put the right people on my team and they didn’t disappoint. We went through a couple of staff members when we had a shift in projects, drawing on their guarantee to switch a team member out if we weren’t quite matching up – and in the end, everything went exceptionally well. Productivity is now higher than ever before. We’re able to offer more services and earn more per client than we were before hiring Grunt Workers. I highly recommend hiring from Grunt Workers – I would do it again in a heartbeat! ”

The Client

Mike LeMieux is a rockstar social media and business strategist. His company, Mike Social, helps people grow and make more money from their social media accounts. He does this by helping them develop a strategy that incorporates their professional and human sides, giving them a way to capitalize on their personality while not giving anything up. With a lot of big five and six figure launches from people with followings of 1000 to hundreds of thousands of followers, Mike Social is the consultant and coaching team that businesses and influencers need on their team!

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The Challenge

Mike Social focuses on social media influence. Empowering people is their game… But their clients kept asking for more on the fulfillment side of their business – building and managing their non-social-media digital presence: sales funnels, email marketing, course building, ad management, and more.

The Solution

Mike LeMieux made the intentional (and very profitable) choice to maintain focus on social media and influencer growth while hiring 2 Grunt Workers to help with implementing other crucial parts of a digital business for his agency and his clients: sales funnels, paid ads, email marketing automation, and more. 

Mike Social’s management team provided clear strategies and tasks for the Grunt Workers to do so they could achieve good results for them.

The Results

The 2 Grunt Workers at Mike Social have accomplished a lot within their first year:


Sales Funnels published

(with tests ongoing to 

improve results!)


Full Fledged courses published


Facebook ad accounts managed for clients

(with tests ongoing to 

improve results!)


In Sales Generated for client

(with Mike Social’s strategies implemented)

All of the above could only be achieved by Grunt Workers in direct response to the 

impressive management and the constant communication from the team at Mike Social.