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Launched 3 New Campaigns
for 38 Different Practices…

by adding 3 Grunt Workers to their team

Drew, Digital Marketing Manager​

“Hiring Grunt Workers was one SMART move! We wanted to 

offload tasks that were eating up our time. Going into this,

we expected it to take time to get them up to speed with 

our systems. Boy were we shocked… they picked everything

up insanely fast, and they even caught things we missed!

After 2 weeks, we hired 1 more worker to add to the team.

Now we get to focus on taking our business to the next level! 

If you want help, hire these guys!”

The Client​

Drew is the Digital Marketing Manager for a medical marketing agency. His agency helps create a patient journey that not only drives leads, but continues to nurture leads through email, phone (voice & text), mailers (yes, they still work), and other sequences and automations. They have also partnered with several patient management systems to help with follow up visits, yearly checks, medical device warranties, and other reminders. The robust lead and automation system has helped them become a leader in their field, driving thousands of leads and millions in revenue across several different medical practices.

The Challenge​

Drew got stuck in the technician trap, spending all his time on fulfillment.


Drew and his team created a solid service offering with a new and unique strategy that gained rapid success. Demand skyrocketed and left Drew doing all the work and fulfillment, leaving no time for updating their strategy, tracking data, and continual improvement.