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Nothing is changing about the service you may be looking for except for one thing:

In November 2023 we’re changing our name to Specialist.PH.

This name change feels right because the talented people here are so much more than the front-line “grunt workers” of digital transformation or digital marketing. They’re smart, strategic, and driven to master a specific platform… they’re specialists!

But a lot of other people judge a book by its cover.

In business, a big part of that “book cover” is the business name.

Grunt Workers is a memorable name.

Our clients and our talent have helped us accomplish a lot of good with that brand name; however, over the past year, I’ve conducted research and found that the initial perception of that brand name is “poor conditions and cheap labor” more often than I predicted when I started the company 4 years ago.

Thankfully a lot of marketing agencies and marketing teams open our book and discover the truth for themselves:

We provide end-to-end HR services for full-time specialists from the Philippines. And our clients get to lift talented FIlipinos, their families, and their communities by paying fair wages and providing much-needed benefits through our HR services… In other words, conditions here are wonderful because of our clients, and the labor is affordable, not “cheap.”

Thank you again for stopping by.

It means a lot to me that you’ve considered embracing our mission to change lives in developing countries. I believe our name change will give us the opportunity to expand and grow that impact even more.

Please copy and paste, or type, this new website address into your browser so you can book a call with us today:


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James Zolman
Founder & CEO